My work ethic is underpinned with the following values that drive me.


Work Hard


Working hard is the key to happiness - everyone knows the satisfaction of ticking off completed items in a to do list.  This fact is my foundation for how I keep staff happy and highly productive.

Have a rule book

Create and stick to a set of rules that have proven to be effective.  As Edward Deming famously said "...variation is the enemy of quality".

numbers talk


Team and individual performance is best measured by actual numbers rather than a feeling for what is going on.  I have a pre-established set of actions to be followed based on the results.


Speed is King


Removing time out of a business, means one thing, more customers and more money. My job is to give a business speed.

Organise, Organise, Organise


Organisation is the cure for chaos, inefficiency and poor performance.  When in doubt, Organise, organise organise.

Simple is Beautiful


Anything can be made more complicated.  Its hard to make things simple.  Its also the right thing to do.