Work Style


These are the six clear elements that sit at the heart of the way I operate on a daily basis, together they form my Modus Operandi.


Direction & Organisation


When there is misalignment between business operations and technology it's simply highlighting a lack of organisation. Simply put, the purpose of technology is to provide business with a faster, more organised way to deliver products and services to the paying customers. 

Independent thought

I foster and encourage independent creative thinking and problem solving by constantly only providing development teams with cut down small business problem, rather than instructions on what to do.  I follow agile project management principals and use Pivotal Tracker system.

Strict Schedule


Strict start and stop working schedules.  Working erratic schedules is simply a bad habit as it throws out a persons natural cycle of day and night.  Sticking to a strict schedule is a form a self discipline, which is vital for prolonged high performance, and highly desirable for fast paced environments that I create.




Always perform a proper auditing of any situation so there is real clarity in reasons to do things.  The 8 steps are; work out what should be happening, the ideal targets, compare that with what's happening now, follow the outpoints, locate the real why, look over existing resources, then handle it so it stays handled.

work in Pairs

Pair up team members, works really well for all roles as used in extreme programming.  Paired up team members keep each others performance high, are able to bounce ideas off each other and routinely produce higher quality products than single team members.

manage by State


This is applying management rules to a state or situation.  The advantage to management by state is attention is given to the "actual situation", rather than the "apparent situation" which are nearly always different.