objective looking

Popular culture embraces the concept of looking at problems objectively, in my experience this just always just bogs a person down in the problem finding all reasons that they have the problem in the first place.  

The ability to look at a problem, does not guarantee the resolution of that problem.  Looking at a problem with the right advisor is a much better move towards a solution.

An example of this, is a company looking at solving their problem of a chaotic operational environment.  They are in a state of chaos.  How can they solve the problem of getting out of the chaos into a smooth operating environment while they are in it up to their necks.  Sure after a long period of time things may seem to get better and less chaotic.  But it could be a simple numbness to the chaos?  

There is a faster, easier and very well know way.  

Hire an outsider to look in at the situation and help.  Its a tried and proven approach.  Getting someone else to help you applies to work, and personal issues.  

Try it.