Partner Program

Introduce us to new Clients, and Earn Trailing Commissions

If you provide consulting services, joining the Partner Program is an excellent way to grow your business and help clients with their business technology! Qualified Partners receive 10% Trailing commissions and a Free account. Take a look at how it works and send in your application today.

Receive generous trailing commissions

The Partner program offers trailing commissions that increase as your volume of sales increase. Commissions start at 10% while you complete your training and set up your first 5 clients. Then you will earn 15% as a Qualified Partner. As you increase the number of clients you sign up you can earn up to 20% commission and access more benefits.


You'll be set up for success

Tools of the trade

The help you get the most out of, we're offering all Qualified Partners a Free Account for your business. This will be free for the full term that you remain a Qualified Partner. Partners-in-training receive a free account which expires in 6 months if they have not progressed to qualified.

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When you apply with you’ll start as a Partner-in-Training. The training shouldn’t take you more than 3-5 hours to complete and you’ll have at least 6 months to complete this and activate your first 5 sales. You’ll gain access to the entire Partner support content and training program. This will be available soon.

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The partner program gives you the sales and marketing support you need to grow your business. This includes flyers, presentations and content you can add to your website. You can use this marketing information to tailor presentations for your clients and the apps they use.

Let the money flow


Automatic payments

All Qualified Partners commission payments happen automatically with our 'Partner Payment System' (PPS) powered by one of the largest financial payment gateways in the industry.  This give you peace of mind that every time a client pays, so do you, like clockwork.

Partner Application

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