back story

I got totally hooked on technology when I began my “Electronic Weapons Systems Apprenticeship” with Australian Defence Industries. 26 years on and I still catch myself been amazed at great technology, that’s what I love about it... it surprises me.

I’ve always being passionate about helping people. I like understanding people and I like the differences in them. I think that’s what keeps bringing me back to technology, it’s like a language that helps people to communicate better and faster, essentially creating great teams.

Is there a process to my work? Yes. I combine a staged approach when organising my milestones, and since I deal with many moving parts at a time to clean up large systems, my daily work is more of a random, do what ever it takes approach to deliver clients system milestones.

Being on the front line of technology is a privilege, and as a translator of it, what I do is less about technology, and more about helping great teams, to get stuff done, that’s my job, and thats what I really love.