I help companies get more out of Salesforce.com



Increasing Adoption, Designing Clean Data Policies and Procedures, Systems Design & Development Roadmaps, and monitoring and testing the work of Development teams. An obsession with my working values and style.

Design Salesforce.com Sales and Marketing solutions to meet business requirements  | Manage data and design analytics to track key sales cloud metrics  | Design interaction channels and build interfaces to maximise agent productivity  | Manage user data and security  | Maintain and customise Sales cloud and Service Cloud applications  |  Build reports and dashboards and workflow  | Optimise and extend Sales Cloud and Service Cloud applications  |  Design advance reports dashboards and business process automation  | Build custom applications  | Design data models user interface business logic and security for custom applications.

Key Achievements:  
Delivered well over 100 major projects | Worked in Multinational organisations mostly in Australia, Europe and America with well know brands such as HLB Mann Judd, Swinburne Online University, Couriers Please, Vanderbilt & Stamford Universities. | Assume overall responsibility for around 47 Salesforce.com consultants and developers | Use a blend of Waterfall and Agile project management coupled with Extreme Programming practices



Get 'Day-to-day Support' so you never have to worry who to contact when you (or your staff) have any issues with any of the business systems I support, just call me, I have you covered.  I look after all your custom development support, plus if something comes up that the software companies must fix, I'll manage that support for you, so you only have 'one throat to choke'...mine.


Need a quick change to enhance how your business systems work that will make your daily operations a little easier.  These are the small random items that come up from time to time.  They get added to queue and generally completed within a day or two.


Have a bigger change in mind? Fixed price Mini-Projects get them sorted.  These are for specific upgrades to how your business systems work, usually focused around new technology add ons, or some sort of automation.

Supercharging Hundreds of businesses in the cloud

Highly skilled consultant with a vast knowledge of the Salesforce.com platform. He is ‘Mr Big Picture’, with an innate ability to see where an organisation is today and where they could be tomorrow through effective adoption of world class technology. He brings high energy to every challenge and is a pleasure to work with.
— Dylan
Adrian is a passionate exploiter of Customer Relationship Management systems for any organisation who sees the value in transformational change. I enjoyed collaborating with Adrian on a number of exciting projects. Fun to work with, professional, knowledgable and always eager to make a difference.
— Lance
Adrian is a great person to work with and for. As a leader he is inspires those around him to attack any challenge head on, to break it down, take it apart and resolve any issue. He brings out the best in those around him and grants others enough responsibility and ability to get the job done, by creating an atmosphere of optimism and enthusiasm on every project.
— Paul
Adrian is a Salesforce guru who brings tremendous energy and insight into everything he does. Adrian’s responsiveness and attention to detail along with his willingness to help, make him a valuable contributor in the workplace. He has the ability to see the big picture and also break it down into manageable tasks. A great asset to have working alongside my team.
— Yanis
As a leader, Adrian would make an ideal CIO for any organisation looking to advance their CRM implementation. He seeks to get the best out of those he works with and help them to excel.
— Chris