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One on one advice on how you can make the cloud work for you.  There is an overload of information out there, but what will help you the most right now?  Learn what you need to with us.


We are here to support you, not turn everything we can into a project.  Like the old saying on how you eat an elephant (one bite at a time), our approach is exactly that, lets just focus on the very next thing that you need.


We love helping our client grow their companies to a new level of scale.  Actually we know that the difference between where you are now and where you want the company to be is a difference in scale, we will help you achieve that.


Support Plans

ICON Startup Small.png




per month, billed annually, or $1,800 Month to Month


Startup is for companies that have purchased cloud based business system and want to get started or begin aligning their systems with their business to grow them together.


Fast Growth



per month, billed annually, or $4,050 Month to Month


Fast Growth is for companies that have alot of system changes and want a team of experts working around the clock to stay pace with their fast growth. 





per month, billed p/a, or $17,622 Month to Month


Enterprise is for large organisations with complex IT environments and need to extend their current teams with more expertise for specific projects.


Supercharging Hundreds of businesses in the cloud